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Step 1

Use the enclosed measuring tool. Measure from the floor to the base of furniture. Match the number on back of your TUC-Away Table. Move bar to proper hole. 

Step 2

Angle the table to slide the bar under furniture. The TUC-Away Table should fit firmly against the side of your furniture.  (If table is pulling away from furniture easily, adjust the metal bar to a higher position.  This will increase tension and allow you to put more weight on the table) *Note weight restrictions. 

Step 3

Your new versitile end table is ready for use. Slide the table top into position or leave in the down position. 

(Remember when removing your end table pull out from the bottom so that the top of the side table is never angled away from your furniture.) 




The furniture that you would like to attach the Tuc-Away Table to, must measure at least 1.5 inch and at most 10 inch from the floor to the base.

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