So how amazing is it that you can know put your cell phone down on certain tables and your cell phone will charge. WOW! However….Not every cell phone can be charged this way, but many of the new smart phones can. So, the next question is where do I find places or products to purchase that have this amazing technology, and what our the differences. Two answer your questions, the technology is still new, so places where you can use this are still limited, but Starbucks is now testing and I am sure lots of people will follow. The coolest thing is not Corian is now offering kitchen countertops that will charge your phone. They are using a technology standard PMA “Power Matters Alliance” which is one of several competing standards in the industry. There is a quite battle going on for competing standards, and there is no clear winners. So be careful if purchasing anything for this technology as not all phones will work, and depending on standard what works today might not work tomorrow.

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