So, I think I will make this post about Tuc-Away Tables today. Why you ask? shouldn’t I focus on all the other cool spacing saving solutions known to man, and not talk about my own stuff. Well, yes you are right and I will be sure to talk about cool products and gadgets that will make your life better. In addition I will talk about things you can do around the home to keep it organized, clean, and of course safe for family. I do however think the Tuc-Away Table does all this.

It is the greatest invention to side tables since, well since way before I was born (and I am no spring chicken). People refer to the Tuc-Away Table as the Tuck Away Table, Adjustable side table, adjustable end table, modern end table, modern side table, folding table, folding side table, folding end table, flip up table, hide away table, and well the list keeps going.

So let me explain how this table works. The table has a patented steel spring bar, which you attach to the backside of the table according to the height of the furniture you are attaching too. (Height range 1.5″ – 10″inches) Once the bar is attach to the table at the proper height, you can then angle the table to slide the bar under your furniture until the table is standing upright next to your chair, bed, sofa, etc.

If the table feels loose, then you need to slide the table back out, and move the height of the bar a notch higher. This will tighten the table. Remember if your furniture you are attaching the table too is not sturdy on the bottom the table will not attach properly.

Here is a video that might make everything more clear.

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