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Img 1 Img 2 Img 3 Img 4 Img 5 Img 6 Img 7 Img 8 Img 9 Img 10 Img 11 offers an ingeniously designed fold up table available in two color options - black and brown. The table is designed to attach and detach to all types of furniture, such as couch, chair, bed, armoire, recliner, etc. When not in use, the table can be easily folded, which makes it perfect for both domestic and professional use. With its simple yet elegant design, our compact modern end table is ideal for small rooms, apartments and offices with limited space.

Our collection of tables includes but not limited to -

At, we make sure to provide a fold up table that is perfect for all purposes. Made using premium quality wood, our modern end table comes with a melamine finish that is scratch proof and water-resistant.

When the space is scarce, you can count on our durable and elegant looking contemporary tables. After all, space-economization is the main use of our tables. No special skill or tools are required to attach and detach these tables.

If you have been looking to maximize the space at your home or workplace, buy a fold up table today! For more information or in case of any query, simply dial 561-999-8989.

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